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    Sellingantiques.co.uk Thankyou.

    Sellingantiques donations and contributions fund 80% of the activites of the spansih charity Ayuda Una Familia (Help a Family). The charity was started by the founder of Sellingantiques.co.uk. Conor Hannah

    Thanks to Sellingantiques.co.uk this young girl enjoys a rare packet of sweets. Valencia, August 2020
    Thanks to Sellingantiques.co.uk these families are receiving a weeks supply of groceries. Valencia, July 2020
    Thanks to Sellingantiques.co.uk this family in Valencia received a petrol generator and regular supply of food and water. 3 families live in this ruin with no running water and no electricity. The green tube is filling the clean water tanks that were paid for by Sellingnatiques.co.uk

    Fiat Ducato Thankyou.

    Thanks to Sellingantiques.co.uk the charity was able to purchase a Fiat Ducto van which is used to collect food donations from businesses and supermarkets and to transport the food directly to poor familes.

    This new Fiat Ducato was purchase by donations from Sellingantiques. It is used to transport food to families in extreme poverty in Spain.
    The van has been emblazoned with the Sellingantiques.co.uk logo!
    Here is Conor Hannah, founder of Sellingantgiques.co.uk alonside the Fiat Ducato

    From the homeless of Valencia Thankyou.

    With the donationes received from Sellingantiques.co.uk the charity in Spain also helps some of the 900 registered homeless in Valencia, Spain.

    Sellingantiques donations paid for this caravan for him to live with his belowed pouch. March 2020.
    During 2019, 200 homeless people received a meal each Saturday evening thanks to the help of Sellingantiques.co.uk
    Within this homeless zone of Valencia you can see temporary shelters and tents. Sellingantiques.co.uk pays for the infrastucture to provide clean water twice a week for 30 people who live here (the green tube is connected to our van which pumps water into these containers).

    From the children Thankyou.

    With the donationes received from Sellingantiques.co.uk we have been able to help many children with absoulte basic necesities such as nappies, clothes, shoes, food, sweets, material for school...

    Two cousins enjoying apples that we donated by a large fruit company in Spain and distributed thanks to donations to Sellingantiques.co.uk. February 2020.
    A young boy just about managing a watermelon, 1000's of which were donated by Cajamar a Spanish bank.
    The Bulgarian parents of these youngsters where building this shelter for the family. Fortunately through the funds madce available by Sellingantiques they never needed to live here.
    Conor Hannah with a 5 day old baby who lives in a ruin in Valencia with her Romanian parents and 3 siblings. Sellingantiques.co.uk paid essential supplies for her and her family.
    This boy looks very happy to get a packet of donated sweets! Valencia September 2020.

    You can donate too.

    Make a donation to the Sellingantiques.co.uk charity Ayuda Una Familia:

    €10 per month
    €30 per month
    €50 per month

    The Sellingantiques charity Ayuda Una Familia' (translates Help a Family) is an official registered charity in Valencia, Spain Registration Number 604V

    A certificate of donation can be issued upon request in order for tax reduction purposes.

    You can visit the Spanish website of Conors charity at http://www.ayudaunafamilia.es/